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Noent, an IoT and AI-driven Cyber Security Solutions and Services Company

Secure Infrastructure Software Development

Our team of engineers can support development of custom, enhanced secure protocols and communication frameworks for embedded IoT devices, implementing robust software stacks either in user space or down into kernel space.

On-Premise Platform Security

We are focused into develop technology for leading integrators across the EMEA region, to provide a custom enhanced security layer for both embedded SCADA and IOT devices. We always work using cutting edge hyper-scale technologies like Kubernetes, HTAP DBs and Distributed Middlewares based on micro-services architectures, enabling customers to obtain on-premise, dedicated platforms that scale like in the cloud without relying on any cloud provider.

Digital Forensics

Our engineers along with our proprietary DF (Digital Forensics) software stack, support our customers in the discovery of digital information leaked in cyber security attack of devices and infrastructures. We provide on-site triage and we collect incidents data according to local laws required by courts. Information is collected with methods allowing cross contamination.

Cyber Defence Training Services

Our experienced team of security trainers is sharing their experience from the field. We tailor our training classes to our customers specific needs, providing a preventive infrastructure assessment to make sure our training is exactly tailored to customer's needs.

Mobile Device Customization

We provide development services for the engineering of hardened, p2p VoIP communications platforms for privacy oriented use-cases.

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Deep-Learning based Face Detection and Identification technology


Step 1

Efficient, 3D, Embedded Camera Face Acquisition (through the low-leve integration of dual-cameras OEM modules)


Step 2

Implementing firmware-level deep-learning frameworks


Step 3

Implementation of Inference logics on embedded devices leveraging on the SoC hardware support to AI/ML


Step 4

VR/AR/WebXR presentation models for face-detection remote sites

Our Internal R&D Activity Focus

Encryption Technology
New HMIs - VR/AR/WebXR & Cognitive Computing
Cutting-edge Embedded Solutions
Anomaly Detection Algorithms
Security Solutions Applied to the PV technology market
Disaster Recovery Technology
Agile Innovation
Market Discovery
OpSec & DF

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